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We Specialize In Providing High-Quality Chimney And Masonry Repairs

Masonry refers to on-site construction and has traditionally consisted of brick or stone and a mortar mix. Although mortar mix and bricks have changed over the years, masonry has always been valued for its sturdiness, durability and customizability. When well-maintained, masonry structures can last for centuries and centuries. But, if left in the hands of Mother Nature and Father Time, the lifespan of masonry can be cut significantly short.

That’s why regular maintenance plays such a key role in protecting your home investment and ensuring your family’s safety and shelter. At Magic Broom, our technicians have an understanding of and a passion for masonry design and preservation. We undergo extensive training, certification, and continued education courses to guarantee our clients the best and most advanced techniques, products, and services. With a Magic Broom technician, you never have to worry about how the work will turn out – we have the patience, skills, and the dedication to provide you with the best work imaginable.

Whatever your masonry needs, we’re here to help. We have extensive experience with just about every type of installation, repair, or rebuild, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Our Masonry-Related Specialties Include

  • Chase Cover Repair and Installation – A chase cover is a metal covering that is designed to remove water from the top of the chimney. Typically, chase covers are made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Galvanized steel and aluminum will typically not last you very long, which is why we use rust-proof, stainless steel chase covers. Our covers are designed with cross breaks which prevent sagging and water collection. They also include drip edges which direct water away from the chimney sides and off of the roof. Whatever your chimney top shape, size, or design, we can provide a custom chase cover to fit your needs! Plus, all of our covers come with a lifetime guarantee! For more information on Chase Covers, click here.
  • Chimney Cap and Damper Repair and Installation – Chimney caps are designed to sit atop your chimney and keep out water, wind gusts, animals, insects, and other unwanted materials. Dampers work by cutting off air supply to the chimney system. These help with heat retention and can be opened and closed as needed. Both caps and dampers serve very important functions in the efficiency and safety of the chimney system and should not be considered optional. If you do not have a chimney cap and/or need a damper replacement, you may want to consider an energy-top damper, which can serve both purposes. For more information on Chimney Caps and Dampers, click here.
  • Chimney Crown Rebuilds – A chimney crown is a cover of concrete or mortar located at the top of the chimney. It basically provides a water-tight and air-tight seal, and is designed to encourage rainwater to move away from the chimney structure. If a chimney crown is deteriorating or was improperly installed, the chimney will most likely suffer from water damage. The crown of the chimney is one of its only defenses against water – don’t leave its condition to luck! For more information on Chimney Crowns, check out our Chimney Crown page.
  • Firebox Rebuilds – The firebox is the part of the fireplace that actually hosts the fire. Over time, the condition of the firebox can seriously decline as a result of heat and/or water damage. If you are noticing decay within your firebox, or if you know that it was constructed of anything other than firebrick, you may need to seriously consider a firebox rebuild. For more information on fireboxes and firebox rebuilds, check out Firebox Rebuilds.
  • Smoke Chamber Parge Coating – The smoke chamber is the area of the chimney system located directly above the damper and below the flue. The main purpose of the smoke chamber is to funnel smoke up into the chimney flue and out of the home. Because it is such an important part of the chimney’s function, it is vital that it be parged smooth as needed. Parging involves applying a specialized product and then smoothing it over the smoke chamber so that it is conducive to air flow. If a smoke chamber has holes, gaps, creosote problems, moisture problems, or is made of improper thickness, it presents a serious fire hazard. To find out more about Smoke Chambers and the Parging process, check out Smoke Chamber Parge Coating.
  • Chimney Relining – Chimney liners are typically constructed of stainless steel or clay, and serve to protect surrounding walls, contain heat, and encourage smoke and gases to exit through the chimney. If a liner is corroded, cracking, or crumbling, heat, ash, smoke, and gases can seep out of the chimney and into other areas of the home. Liners can also have obstructions which can lead to overheating and chimney fires. Whether you have a damaged and deteriorating liner, an animal problem, or you don’t have a liner at all, Magic Broom can help. We specialize in the installation of stainless steel liners and the HeatShield® resurfacing system. Both options are incredibly durable and can help guarantee a safe and efficient chimney system. For more information, check out Chimney Relining.
  • Tuck Pointing – Although mortar is extremely durable, weather damage and time can cause mortar to break apart and compromise the structural integrity of the chimney and fireplace. When mortar is deteriorating, Magic Broom can replace it with new mortar – this process is called tuck pointing. At Magic Broom, we always mix to match up with the look of your existing mortar and we never produce sloppy work. For more information on Tuck Pointing, check out Tuck Pointing.
  • Cricket Builds – A Cricket is a piece of metal that sits at the top of the roof where it intersects with the chimney. This type of flashing is angled so that water runs down past the chimney instead of settling at this vulnerable conjunction. For more information on this type of protection, click here.
  • Chimney Rebuilds – Sometimes water damage or improper installation requires a complete chimney rebuild. At Magic Broom, we have qualified, skilled masons with hundreds of chimney rebuilds on their resumes. To find out more about Chimney Rebuilds, check out Chimney Rebuilds.
  • Chimney Odor Troubleshooting and Elimination – Odor emanating from a chimney or fireplace can be the sign of a much bigger problem. At Magic Broom, we have excellent diagnostic skills and guarantee we’ll address the source, not the symptom. For more information on Odor Elimination, check out Chimney Odor Troubleshooting and Elimination.
  • Class “A” Chimney Installations – Class “A” or Pre-fabricated Chimneys are chimneys that are designed in-factory to work with a specific pre-fab insert or stove. These chimneys are tested for high efficiency and high safety, and are a popular choice for homeowners today. However, if these systems are not installed professionally and exactly as directed, their safety is not guaranteed by the manufacturer. For more information on Class “A” Chimney Installations, click here.


You definitely want the pros in your corner to deal with a leaky chimney. This professional fireplace and chimney service is all in a day’s work for the team at Magic Broom.

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