Professional Chimney, Fireplace, Insert And Stove Cleaning

Whether you use your fireplace, insert or stove once a year or one-hundred times a season, annual maintenance and cleaning is strongly recommended.

According to the National Fire Analysis & Research division of the National Fire Protection Association, more than half of all fireplace and chimney fires in 2006-2010 were as a result of neglect and failure to clean. These fires resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of damages and injured thousands. Some of these fires even resulted death. The saddest thing about these numbers is that the fires could have easily been prevented.

Annual sweeping conducted by a certified professional is recommended by:

Sweeping not only helps keep staining and creosote deposits at bay, it helps to ensure that all parts of the appliance and chimney are working properly and efficiently. With each sweeping, a Magic Broom professional evaluates creosote deposit levels; checks all internal and external parts for damages or flaws; inspects the flue for obstructions or damage; and evaluates the condition of the crown, cap, and flashing located outside of the home. He or she will also check the system for proper installation. After cleaning the system, we will inform the homeowner of any and all damages or concerns within the system, and make the proper recommendations for repairs and optimum efficiency. Whether your system is one year old or one hundred years old – professional sweeping should be an annual occurrence in your home.

Why Magic Broom?

Different appliances and fuel types have different sweeping and maintenance needs. That’s why it’s important that you choose a company you can trust. When having your system swept and maintained, you need someone with a working knowledge of all appliance and fuel types, and the training and experience to work efficiently and safely. At Magic Broom, our technicians are trained on the installation, cleaning, and maintenance of all types of fireplaces, inserts, and stoves, be they wood-burning, gas, or pellet. No matter what your appliance or fuel type, you can trust Magic Broom to provide thorough and professional care.

We provide:

To schedule the annual maintenance of your fireplace, stove or insert, call Magic Broom today at 301-843-1491, or click here to schedule your appointment online! Don’t put your home and family at risk of fire or injury, call today!

Pellet stoves have specific requirements for maintenance and safe operation and, at Magic Broom, we know them all. Call on our years of experience to take care of your chimney and fireplace needs.