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NFPA-Issued Inspections

In 2000, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) addressed inconsistencies, corner-cutting, and ambiguity within the field of chimney inspections by instituting code NFPA 211. This code describes in detail what each individual level of inspection should include and when each level is necessary. There are three levels in NFPA 211, all of which Magic Broom is educated and certified to conduct. A professional chimney sweep will be able to determine the level of inspection your system requires based on your particular situation and concerns.

  • When A Level 1 Inspection Is Necessary & What It Includes: Level 1 Inspections are somewhat generic and are intended for systems that have not experienced any changes and will continue to be used as they have been in the past. This level of inspection is probably all that is required if your system has never experienced a period of dormancy, shown signs of inefficiency, or undergone any damage. When a professional conducts a Level 1 inspection, the accessible areas of the chimney are visually checked for damages, signs of water, proper installation, and overall structural integrity. We will also check for any visible obstructions or buildup within the flue system. This Level of inspection does not give a complete and thorough picture and should not be used for systems of questionable safety and functionality.
  • When A Level 2 Inspection Is Necessary & What It Includes: Level 2 Inspections are recommended in conjunction with any changes in fuel type, flue type, flue size, or flue shape. They are also recommended after chimney fires, severe weather, earthquakes, problems with functionality, or during the transfer of property ownership. These inspections include a visual inspection of accessible areas (just like a Level 1 inspection) and a video scan of the interior parts of the system. Levels 1 and 2 Inspections do not involve any demolition or part removal.
  • When A Level 3 Inspection Is Necessary & What It Includes: Level 3 Inspections are typically only conducted when a Level 2 Inspection suggests a problem that cannot otherwise be addressed. Level 3 Inspections can be destructive and invasive, as parts may need to be removed in order to locate the source of the problem or properly evaluate the extent of damage within the system.

Inspections are necessary for all venting system, including oil and gas furnace chimneys, free standing wood stoves, pellet stoves, and gas logs, fireplaces, and inserts.There are several reasons to have a chimney system inspection professionally conducted, including:

  • The transfer of real estate
  • Damage evaluation after a storm or an earthquake
  • Damage evaluation after a chimney fire or an appliance malfunction
  • A change in appliance type
  • Annual maintenance

Whatever your system needs, Magic Broom can help! We know fireplaces, stoves, and chimneys better than anyone and specialize in cleaning and maintaining them. Our experience and equipment make the job quick and thorough, without making a mess of your home. Call us today to discuss which level of inspection is right for you!

There a lot of circumstances that can cause your chimney and masonry to need repairs, and Magic Broom’s chimney and fireplace services cover them all. You can count on our expertise to do the right job for you and to do it right the first time.