There’s nothing quite like having a crackling fire going at the end of a long, cold day. With fall just around the corner, it won’t be long until the outdoor temperatures start to drop, and many are excited about getting their fireplaces up and running for the upcoming holiday season. Unfortunately, a cozy evening indoors can quickly turn south when smoke and fumes start pouring into your living space.

Schedule Your Annual Inspection Right Awaysweep on roof inspecting chimney

When a homeowner fails to schedule an annual inspection, they put the safety of their home and family at serious risk. Clogs and damage can send smoke and carbon monoxide back into your home, which will create a life-threatening situation if not addressed quickly. Along with this, a chimney that’s filled with creosote is more prone to experience a fire, which would cause significant amounts of damage.

Cracks and holes throughout your structure will also increase the chances of flames escaping into your home and reaching any adjacent woodwork. All in all, a simple inspection can save you from significant damage, and it will keep your family members safer, as well.

We urge fireplace owners throughout the Southern Maryland area to turn to our team of experts now. If you call right away, you can still beat the autumn rush, ensuring you will be all set and ready to light a fire when cooler weather officially arrives. Ready to get started? Reach out today.

We Perform Level 1, 2 & 3 Inspections

Our team of CSIA certified experts are capable of performing all three levels of chimney inspections, so you are sure to get exactly what you need, no matter what state your structure is in. Not sure which type you need? Here are some guidelines you can follow.

If you have your chimney inspected every year, and if you haven’t made any major structural changes or switched up the fuel type, then a level one inspection should be all you need. This consists of a look at any readily accessible parts of your chimney. If everything looks structurally sound and there are no obvious obstructions, you should be all set!

A level two inspection is more in-depth and will involve the use of camera equipment to get a thorough look at every part of your chimney. If there are any cracks, holes, blockages, or deterioration, these tools will spot it. Level two inspections are done during the transfer of property, after a natural disaster (such as a tornado, flood, or earthquake), or after a chimney fire. You’ll also want to schedule one if you’ve had relining work done, changed fuel types, or done any major construction work.

Finally, there are level three inspections. These are less common, and they are only performed if a level two inspection still does not reveal the source of a problem. In these cases, the sweep may need to remove certain parts of the chimney or fireplace to determine the cause of an issue.

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