What Does a Magic Broom Chimney Inspection Look Like?

Know Who is Coming to Your Home

Before we arrive you will receive a text message with a photo of a technician. Therefore, you may rest assured that you have a complete understanding of which tech is about to arrive at your home.

CSIA Certification Matters

Each Magic Broom Chimney Sweep technician is a CSIA certified professional that continually improves their training weekly to ensure that we are delivering the absolute highest quality service. The CSIA (Chimney Sweep Institute of America), is the standard certification in the chimney industry. They are dedicated to the training, education, and certification of chimney industry professionals, keeping them informed and aware of new processes and methods to better serve customers around the nation. 

Professionally Certified Vehicles

All of our trucks are professionally identifiable and marked. You’ll have no doubt whether or not Magic Broom is on the job. We take tremendous pride and attention to detail with everything that we do and bring that experience and pride to each and every job that we perform in the field. Our vehicles display our pride and expertise. When you see a Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps vehicle in your neighborhood, you’ll know that a higher magnitude of quality is being delivered to residence in the area. If you have any questions concerning your fireplace or chimney please do not hesitate to call the number on our service vehicles. 

A Digitial Chimney Inspection Performed on the Spot

All of our technicians are supplied with state of the art tablets and inspection cameras. Each tablet contains an industry leading chimney inspection software. Therefore, you can rest assured that your chimney inspection is thorough and detailed.

Completion of the Job

An annual chimney inspection by a CSIA certified chimney technician is recommended to greatly reduce the risk of a chimney fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, or various other harmful and unwanted occurences manifesting in your home. Therefore, prioritizing a chimney inspection is extremely important. Our CSIA certified professionals take the time to make sure that every single tiny crevasse, crack, and alignment of your chimney and fireplace is absolutely safe and ready for use. Our CSIA certified technicians are serious about the inspections that we perform.

After an inspection has been completed, your chimney technician will review all of the findings with you that are of importance. After your technician has reviewed this information with you, that material will swiftly be emailed to you. Each report contains detailed images of any problem areas. Once these blemishes and problems have been identified and discussed with you, if you agree to the terms for service, our techs will take the necessary measures expressed in the findings report, and get to work.

What We Will Inspect:

Masonry Fireplace:

We service the flue, firebox, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, damper, and chimney cap while also removing a normal amount of ashes from the firebox. We do not service the ash dump.

We inspect:

  • Exterior Chimney: Crown, Cap, Flashing, Foundation, and Brickwork
  • Interior Chimney: Hearth Extension, Firebox, Lintel, Throat, Smoke Chamber, Damper & Flue

Wood Inserts & Freestanding Appliances:

We service the entire appliance, flue, firebox, heat exchanger, catalytic combustor, ash traps, and chimney cap. We will also remove the ashes from the firebox and ash pan. In addition, we clean the glass on your door as well.

We Inspect:

  • Exterior Chimney: Crown, Cap, Flashing, Foundation, & Brickwork
  • Interior Chimney: Stove for cracks, catalytic combustor, gaskets, hearth extensions, firebox, lintel, throat, smoke chamber, damper & flue


We service the connector pipe, the thimble, flue liner, chimney cap, and spark arrestor. We do not service the furnace.

We Inspect:

  • Exterior Chimney: Crown, Cap, Flashing, Foundation, & Brickwork
  • Interior Chimney: Connector pipe, thimble, & flue lining.

Prefabricated Fireplaces:

We service firebox, flue, and chimney cap

We Inspect:

  • Exterior Components: Chase Cap, Cap, Flashing
  • Interior Components: Refractory Panels, Damper, and Flue Lining


If any repairs are needed after reviewing the inspection report with your technician, the technician will review them with you at the time of service. All estimates are typed and include images and detailed descriptions. Estimates are also emailed to you directly after completion of the job.

Signs that an Inspection is Needed:

  • The transfer of real estate:
  • The Sale of a House (preferably presale)
  • New tenant for a rental property.
  • Damage evaluation after a storm or an earthquake:
  • Hurricane or Tropical Storm.
  • Damage evaluation after a chimney fire or an appliance malfunction.
  • A change in appliance type.
  • Annual maintenance
  • Or it has never been inspected.