At Magic Broom, We Specialize In Creosote Removal

Creosote is a by-product of incomplete combustion and is not uncommon in wood-burning appliances and chimney systems. When wood has a high moisture content, is burned at too low of a temperature, or is not burned completely, it can produce creosote and cause buildup. As this product builds up, it actually restricts air flow within the system and encourages the production and settlement of even more creosote. This product not only restricts air flow, it is a highly flammable substance and can quickly lead to a chimney fire.

Creosote is typically removed by brushes during annual sweeping, but if your chimney and appliance have been neglected, creosote may be much thicker and harder to remove. Over time, creosote changes texture from ash to a tar-like glaze that basically cooks to the walls of your fireplace and chimney system. When this happens, special steps must be taken to remove this glazed creosote and restore the safety and efficiency of your system.

What Will You Do?

If you have a glazed creosote problem in your fireplace and chimney system, call Magic Broom! Our technicians have access to a variety creosote removal products that can restore your system in no time. Typically, the products we use work by changing the texture of the creosote from a glazed tar back to an ash. We are then able to remove the creosote with brushes and a little elbow grease. When you have a Magic Broom technician in your home, you can be confident that he will pinpoint the cause of your creosote problem and make helpful recommendations for controlling it in the future.

What Can I Do?

The best way to keep creosote from building up and baking to your walls is to make annual sweeping and inspection a priority in your home. These inspections and sweepings will help keep your fireplace and chimney clean and safe. Plus, a professional will be able to identify any problems within your system that may be contributing to creosote production.

Creosote is a highly-flammable substance and is responsible for a large percentage of all chimney-related fires. Whether a chimney fire leads to a house fire or not, it can do incredible damage to your chimney system and threaten the well-being of your family. Don’t wait until you have a real creosote problem on your hands: have your chimney and fireplace professionally swept today!

Masonry chimneys and fireplaces have been around for a long time and are still one of the most popular choices out there. And, when your heating appliance needs care and cleaning, Magic Broom is the one to call.