Chimney Installations Done Right

Because of convenience and cost difference, many homeowners are now opting for prefabricated chimneys over masonry chimneys. In the past, masonry was the only real option worth considering, but today’s prefabricated chimneys give masonry chimneys a run for their money.

What Is A Prefabricated Chimney?

Prefabricated chimneys are comprehensive metal systems that are designed and built in-factory. They are typically designed to work with a specific appliance, and only guaranteed when installed according to the manufacturer’s directions. Because these systems are built in-factory, installation is relatively quick and does not typically require actual construction. For the homeowner, prefabricated chimneys mean savings in both materials and labor.

Prefabricated systems do not rely on the condition of your existing chimney and function completely independently. Because they do not require any masonry for use, prefabricated chimneys are excellent options when there is no existing chimney or when the existing chimney is not structurally sound.

Prefabricated chimneys are designed to be relatively easy to replace, which also makes them an excellent choice for homeowners that may be considering a change in fuel-type in the future. However, Class “A” Chimneys are designed for use with just about every fuel type and can save you the need for replacement when changing fuels, unlike other prefabricated chimney systems. To discuss the advantages of different fuel types and decide if a prefabricated chimney may be right for your home, contact Magic Broom at 301-843-1491.

Why Class “A”?

Class “A” chimneys are double-wall insulated systems, which means they do not require as much clearance from combustibles. Unlike a masonry chimney, a prefabricated Class “A” chimney can be installed just about anywhere in the home. Whether you are looking to add the unit on the first, second, or third floor, all possibilities are open to you. You don’t even need to add it on an exterior wall if you don’t wish to.

Many homeowners prefer the installation placement freedom that comes with a Class “A” chimney, and find it to be incredibly economical as well. Masonry can be timeless and beautiful, but it can also be incredibly expensive. In addition to the cost of materials and labor, masonry is typically much more demanding on the home structure and requires greater clearance from combustibles to ensure the safety of the structure.

To discuss the advantages of a Class “A” chimney system and the installation freedom that it offers, contact Magic Broom today!


A prefabricated chimney, known as a chase, needs a chase cover to keep out unwanted rain, critters and other debris. Magic Broom is qualified to help with this chimney and masonry repair today.