Magic Broom’s Technicians Provide Professional Installation, Cleaning, And Servicing Of Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry fireplaces have been providing warmth, ambiance and enjoyment for centuries. Traditionally, these fireplaces are wood-burning and capable of high heat output. Chances are you grew up enjoying a masonry fireplace – the radiating heat, the crackle of the logs, and the earthy, smoky smell of fire. You probably still think back to your early enjoyment of masonry fireplaces every time you cozy up in front of one. This nostalgia is a large part of why masonry fireplaces are still so desirable today. But it’s not just the warmth and feeling that make masonry fireplaces so popular –it’s the look!


What Is A Masonry Fireplace?

Masonry fireplaces are fireplaces that are built piece-by-piece and on-site by a skilled (hopefully) mason. These fireplaces are typically constructed of brick or stone and mortar and can be designed to fit with the space and overall scheme of the individual home. There are a variety of materials that can be used, but not all stone and brick is designed to withstand the heat of a fire. That’s why it is important to discuss your design with an experienced professional early on. At Magic Broom, we have over 30 years of masonry fireplace installation. We can work with you through the entire design process and make your dream fireplace a beautiful, safe, and efficient reality. Masonry is a skill, and Magic Broom has got it!

What Kind Of Maintenance Is Involved?

Masonry fireplaces are built to last and can be enjoyed in your home for decades, if properly maintained. If your masonry fireplace was built of the proper materials and has been annually inspected and swept, you won’t have to worry about much maintenance. Annual sweeping can keep creosote under control, and annual inspections can alert you to any problems before they are able to cause much damage.

If your fireplace was not constructed of the proper materials or has not been annually swept and inspected – it may require significantly more maintenance. Some of the problems we most often come across within a neglected masonry fireplace are problems of inefficiency, masonry disrepair/water damage, creosote buildup, and staining.

  • Inefficiency – Because masonry fireplaces and chimneys are constructed of materials that are not airtight, they can sometimes be drafty and inefficient. In these cases, you may feel like you’re losing heat or conditioned air through your fireplace and chimney system. You may also notice that your wood is not burning efficiently or that you sometimes have a smoke problem. There are a couple of things we can do to help with these problems. One thing we can do is install an energy-top damper. These dampers sit at the top of the chimney and seal it off when you are trying to keep conditioned air in your home and outside air out. Another thing we can do is install a new, stainless steel flue liner. Many older masonry fireplace and chimney systems are missing liners altogether. The addition of a stainless steel liner will help your fireplace and chimney burn more efficiently and remove excess smoke and fire by-product quickly and completely.
  • Masonry Disrepair/Water Damage – Brick and mortar masonry is porous and therefore, able to take in water. This water retention can actually end up destroying the brick and mortar, causing crumbling, cracking, efflorescence (white patches/salt deposits on the brick surface), and overall decay. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you have your fireplace and chimney inspected regularly. This will help identify leaks before they are able to cause damage to the masonry of your fireplace. However, should you notice these types of damage to your fireplace and chimney system, Magic Broom can help. We have experience with masonry repair and rebuilding, chimney leak troubleshooting, and masonry waterproofing.
  • Creosote Buildup – Another common problem in traditional masonry fireplaces is creosote accumulation. Creosote is a substance created by incomplete combustion that sticks to the walls of the fireplace and chimney. If left alone, creosote can cake up and cook to the surface of the system. This accumulation of creosote is almost impossible to remove and is a fire hazard and a flue obstruction. As it accumulates, creosote can actually inhibit air flow, which can lead to the accumulation of even more creosote. Massive creosote production can also be a sign that your fireplace and chimney are not functioning properly. To protect your family from this highly-flammable substance and ensure a safe and efficient system, have your fireplace and chimney regularly swept and inspected by a professional.
  • Staining – Staining caused by smoke, ash, creosote, and water damage can completely depreciate the look of your masonry fireplace. If you’ve noticed changes in your fireplace’s appearance and long for the look it once had, Magic Broom is here to help! We use quality products that are capable of removing stains and restoring the look of your fireplace. Isn’t it about time you gave your fireplace a makeover?

We Also Clean Masonry Fireplaces With Appliances Attached

Do you have a fireplace insert in your masonry fireplace? Make sure it stays clean and in good working order by scheduling regular cleanings with Magic Broom. We’ll check for worn down parts, remove any buildup, soot, creosote, and blockages, and make sure nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. And don’t worry – like all of our services, this one is guaranteed to be mess-free.

Whether you are interested in a new masonry construction, or you need cleaning and maintenance for your existing masonry fireplace, Magic Broom has skilled technicians that can get the job done right. Call us today or schedule your appointment online!


There are times when a prefabricated wood-burning fireplace is the perfect choice for a particular situation. Talk with the experienced folks at Magic Broom about your options and, while you’re at it, ask about all our chimney, fireplace and stove cleaning services, too.