Quality Chimney & Fireplace Services in Waldorf, MD That You Can Trust

At Magic Broom Chimney Sweep, we’re dedicated to providing our neighbors in southern Maryland with the best in Chimney & Fireplace Services at an affordable cost. We are a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America), NFI (National Fireplace Institute) and IRC (Institute for Research in Construction) certified sweep, with over 30 years of industry experience – so whatever your challenge, we’ve got answers!

Our Services Include:

Chimney & Appliance Cleaning
Regardless of whether you’re burning wood, gas, pellet, oil or another type of fuel, your appliance and chimney require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to function safely and efficiently. But don’t worry — the certified sweeps at Magic Broom have extensive experience cleaning and servicing all fuel types, appliance types, and chimneys (be they masonry or pre-fabricated). From creosote removal to gas log cleaning, we do it all!

Chimney Inspections
Annual chimney inspections are designed to provide the homeowner, buyer, or insurance company with an accurate assessment of the chimney’s condition. Inspections are not only helpful when dealing with repairs and problems within the system – but they can also help identify challenges while they’re still small. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how important these inspections are, which is why the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) adopted a 3 level inspection standard in early 2000. This standard breaks inspections down and details what must be included in each, based on circumstances and conditions. For more information on how we conduct our inspections, click here!

Masonry Repairs
Every chimney, regardless of fuel-type, build, or installation, will need repairs or maintenance at some point. When the time comes to show your masonry some love, look no further than Magic Broom! We’re masonry experts and can provide professional, long-lasting tuckpointing and installation work for every chimney component. We also rebuild chimney crowns, parge smoke chambers smooth, rebuild chimneys, and rebuild fireboxes.

Chimney Water Leaks
Chimney leaks can cause significant damage and frustration, especially if you aren’t sure where they’re coming from. At Magic Broom, we can help alleviate some of that frustration and get the problem taken care of and off of your hands. We’re the leak locator experts, and can not only fix your leaks — we can prevent them in the future. We specialize in waterproofing methods and can equip your masonry to fend off even the hardest rain.

Chimney Relining
Chimney liners are typically constructed of stainless steel or clay, and serve to protect surrounding walls, contain heat, and encourage smoke and gases to exit through the chimney. If a liner is corroded, cracking, or crumbling, heat, ash, smoke, and gases can seep out of the chimney and into other areas of the home. Liners can also have obstructions which can lead to overheating and chimney fires. Whether you have a damaged and deteriorating liner, an animal problem, or you don’t have a liner at all, Magic Broom can help. We specialize in the repair and replacement of flue liners.

Chimney Installations
Class “A” or pre-fabricated chimneys are chimneys that are designed in-factory to work with a specific prefab insert or stove. These chimneys are tested for high efficiency and high safety, and are a popular choice for homeowners today. However, if these systems are not installed professionally and exactly as directed, their safety is not guaranteed by the manufacturer. Make sure it’s done right by calling on Magic Broom.

Crickets Built
A cricket is a piece of metal that sits at the top of the roof where it intersects with the chimney. This type of flashing is angled so that water runs down past the chimney, instead of settling at this vulnerable conjunction. Could your chimney use the added protection of a cricket? Let us help.

Flashing Repairs
Flashing is made of sheet metal and is the chimney’s only protection against leaks and water damage at the roofline. But what happens if it’s installed badly or damaged? You guessed it: you’ll have a leaky chimney. Keep water out with Magic Broom. We repair flashing and do the job right.

Watershield Treatments
By far, the best way to tackle leaky chimneys and chimney water damage is to keep water out at the start. With a watershield treatment from Magic Broom, it’s easy and affordable. Say goodbye to cracking, crumbling, flaking brick, discoloration, and other types of water damage – have your masonry waterproofed with the very best watershield treatments!

At Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps, we are known for our sales and installation services for most types of heating appliances. Let us help you with your chimney and fireplace needs today.