Thinking of adding a new heat source to your home? Or maybe you have one installed already, but would like to change fuel types. Whatever your situation is, you have one important question to consider: Which fuel type is right for you? Some love the classic ambiance of wood, while others prefer the convenience of gas. But what do you do if you want the smells and sounds of a real fire, only without the work? Well, there may be a good option for you – the pellet stove.

The Benefits Of Using Pellet Stoves - Southern Maryland - Magic Broom Chimney SweepsPellet stoves run on wood pellets, and they contain a hopper that slowly disperses its fuel, as needed. You won’t need to haul any clunky logs, and the hopper can go for hours and hours before requiring a refill, so it’s truly the best of both worlds. Learn more about their benefits below, then reach out to our crew with any questions. We’ll be able to find the perfect stove for your home in no time!

Convenient & Easy To Use

Do you have a busy lifestyle? If you have a hectic job, active kids, or a never-ending to-do list, then you likely don’t have much time to spend getting a fire going in the evenings. Well, as we mentioned, pellet stoves are very easy to use. Just fill the hopper, sit back, and relax! You won’t have to build or constantly attend to a fire, and you don’t need to worry about seasoning any wood, either.

They also don’t create a big mess like wood-burning units are known to do. They are known for creating less ash, so you won’t have to scoop as much or as often, and you won’t have to have a big pile of wood sitting in your house, either. On top of everything, the pellets are easy to store, and best of all, you still get that great atmosphere that only a real fire can produce. It’s the ease of gas with the cozy comfort of wood, ensuring you truly get the best fireplace experience possible.

Efficiency & Consistency

Looking for a system that will give you high levels of heat, while maintaining a consistent temperature? Pellet stoves deliver in both of these categories. Since the automated feeder adds new pellets at specific intervals, it’s easier than ever for temperatures to remain fairly constant, ensuring anyone enjoying the fire stays as comfortable and as cozy as possible.

Pellet stoves are also highly efficient. You won’t have to worry about heat loss, as you often do with a wood-burning unit, giving you the ability to easily lower your monthly energy bills. Again, this ensures everyone in the household stays nice and warm, no matter how cold the weather is outside.

Less Impact On The Environment

A big source of concern for fireplace owners in recent years has been how their heat source affects the environment. Fortunately, pellet stove owners don’t find themselves stressing over their carbon footprint. Due to the heightened efficiency of modern models, pellet stoves have a good reputation for producing a small number of emissions, so you can enjoy your new appliance guilt-free.

Along with this, the pellets used to create your fires are typically taken from pieces of wood that would normally be thrown away. You’ll have easy access to this renewable resource, and you can feel good knowing you’re making use of something that would otherwise go to waste.

Affordable & Easy To Personalize

If it seems too good to be true that a system could function this efficiently, be this easy to use, and come at a price range that won’t break the bank, then think again. These units are quite affordable, ensuring you get the high-quality results you deserve only without having to spend every last penny on it.

The fuel source isn’t expensive, either! In fact, pellets are one of the cheapest fuel types out there, so keeping a good stockpile stored away won’t be a problem at all.

And you don’t have to compromise on cosmetic appeal. There are lots of design, size, and style options on the market, so finding the perfect fit for your home is easier than ever. Be sure to check out some options online or just stop by our showroom to see the stoves for yourself! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

We Have The Experience & Savvy To Help With It All

When it comes to installing the stove of your dreams, it is important that you hire a team of experts that knows what they’re doing and puts your needs first. Here at Magic Broom, customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why our sweeps make it a priority to earn and maintain their CSIA certification. We are also certified with the NFI, and we have decades of experience, so you can bet there isn’t much we haven’t seen.

You only deserve the best, and the time to reach out is now. Call or stop by our showroom today!