The Dangers Of A Damaged Clay Liner & Why Flue Repairs Are Needed

Many flue liners are constructed from clay tiles, which can be relatively durable if well-maintained. However, age, heat, and moisture can lead a liner to crack, crumble, and decay. As the liner deteriorates, it presents openings for heat, smoke, and gas to escape into surrounding walls and infiltrate the atmosphere of the home. This can cause several problems in the home, including:

  • Ignition of Nearby Combustibles – The cracks and holes in a clay liner provide ways for heat from the fire to enter the walls surrounding the chimney. This can lead to the ignition of combustibles within the walls and can be the start of a house fire.
  • Smoke and Creosote Problems – When a clay liner is deteriorating, the surface itself causes friction, making it more difficult for smoke and hot gases to pass up and out of the chimney. As a result, smoke and gases spend more time in the flue and can end up settling as highly flammable creosote. The smoke that doesn’t settle may also travel back into the home, causing smoke staining and odor problems.
  • Carbon Monoxide Exposure & Poisoning – Carbon monoxide is a deadly and virtually undetectable gas that is created when fuel is not burned completely. When a flue liner is deteriorating or cracked, it can allow this gas to enter the home instead of being ushered out through the chimney top. Tasteless, colorless, and odorless, exposure can be prolonged without the homeowner’s knowledge. This exposure can result in brain and organ damage and even death.

Flue Lining Repairs

    • Are a durable coating applied to the inside of the flue.
    • It restores the chimney by filling in the gaps and cracks in the chimney.
    • Increases performance of the fireplace by bringing the system back to water tight.
    • Increases the structural integrity of the existing terra cotta flue lining.
    • Made from our special blend of refractory mortars made to withstand temperatures in excess of 2900 degrees.
    • UL Listed and Tested Product
    • 20 Year material warranty

Cracked Flue Tile

Creosote Seeping to Outside of Tile

Cracked Flue Tile

Flue Liner Resurfacing

If your clay liner is structurally stable but needs a good deal of surface repair, a flue liner resurfacing may be exactly what you need. This is designed for complete restoration of the clay liner surface and can be an excellent alternative to installing a stainless steel liner.

Should you opt to have your liner resurfaced, a Magic Broom specialist will begin by video scanning the interior of your existing clay liner. Next, a custom-designed blade will be created to fit with your chimney system. After applying a primer and allowing it to dry, the technician will apply a durable coating, using a foam blade to smooth over the entire surface. Once all holes, gaps, and cracks are filled, and the surface is smooth, the Magic Broom specialist will once again video scan the interior of the flue liner. This will guarantee that the job was effective and will show you the results of our work.

This system is also designed to fix specific areas of the flue, so if your entire flue does not need relining, you still may want to go with a protective flue coating.


Stainless steel liners may be the best choice for relining your chimney. We recommend that you discuss the possibilities with our trained experts.