Yes, We Clean Oil Flues!

Although we do not install or service oil-burning furnaces, we do specialize in the cleaning of oil flues. As with a wood-burning, gas-burning, or pellet-burning system, an oil-burning system requires annual cleaning in order to ensure a safe and competent appliance. At Magic Broom, we have the experience and tools to effectively clean your oil flue and keep it working safely and properly for years to come.

Why Do Oil Flues Need Cleaning?

As a furnace burns oil, it produces byproducts just like any other fuel-burning appliance. The byproducts associated with oil are carbon and sulfur, which together form soot and deposit on the walls of the flue liner (much like creosote). As these byproducts accumulate (which can happen relatively quickly), they can restrict air flow within the flue and cause problems with appliance efficiency, system overheating, and air contamination.

  • Appliance Inefficiency Problems – As with any flue-based system, an oil-burning furnace system requires adequate air flow in order to effectively function. When air flow is restricted, the furnace can be overworked and inefficient. This can lead to overheating which will shorten the lifespan of the system and possibly lead to a fire.
  • Air Contamination – In addition to inefficiency, restricted air flow within the oil flue can trap byproducts in the flue and furnace. As these products are trapped, they may settle on the walls of the system in the form of soot, or may backflow into your home, exposing your family to nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and water vapor fumes. Not only can these be unpleasant, they can be incredibly harmful. Carbon monoxide has been known to cause headaches, flue-like symptoms, brain and organ damage, and even death. And because it is colorless, odorless, and basically undetectable to the human senses, your family could be exposed to this poisonous gas without even knowing it.

Why Magic Broom?

When you have your oil flue cleaned by a Magic Broom professional, you can be confident that your appliance will be thoroughly prepped and ready for use all winter long. We have the proper brushes and tools to remove the soot buildup from the oil flue liner, and we make use of an incredibly powerful, dust-free vacuum system. With Magic Broom, cleaning your flue doesn’t have to mean dirtying your home. We guarantee a mess-free job, every time!

Don’t put your family at risk for fire, illness, or death – contact Magic Broom to schedule your oil flue cleaning today.


Baked-on creosote glaze develops when chimneys are not cleaned regularly or properly and it requires special tools and skills to remove. At Magic Broom, we can perform this and other specialty cleaning services to help keep you and your family safe.