What Is A Firebox?

The firebox refers to the part of the fireplace that hosts and encloses the actual fire. This particular area is constantly put to the test by the intense heat and abusive byproducts of fire. That’s why it’s important to have it regularly inspected for overall integrity and construction. If a firebox is damaged or constructed of the wrong materials, it will cause serious safety and efficiency issues.

Reasons For Firebox Rebuilds

Water Damage – Part of what makes brick and mortar so resilient is their porosity. As porous materials, they are able to effectively remove hot vapor and gas from the fireplace and chimney system instead of trapping it inside of the home. Unfortunately, this breathability is also partially why masonry is prone to decay when not properly cared for. When water enters through a leaky chimney, it makes its way down into the fireplace and enters the pores of the brick and mortar. This can cause spalling, cracking, lime-leaching, and internal decay and deterioration (especially when temperatures change drastically). Not only are the results visually unpleasant, they are structurally damaging and can compromise the safety of the entire system. If your firebox has suffered from extensive water damage, it may require complete rebuild (after pinpointing and addressing the leak, of course!).

Improper Materials – Quality fireboxes are constructed of firebrick, which is a special type of brick that is specifically designed for extremely hot temperatures. Firebrick is also known as refractory brick and is the safest and most efficient material for firebox construction. Unfortunately, some fireboxes are constructed of regular masonry brick that is not designed for the temperatures and abuse involved in the hosting of a fire. If your firebox is constructed of inadequate brick and mortar, it will decay with use and will need to be rebuilt using quality firebrick.

Why Magic Broom?

At Magic Broom, we are constantly adding to our understanding of fireplace and chimney systems because that’s what we are passionate about. Our skilled masons have the education, training, skills, and tools to provide you with a firebox that is safe, efficient, aesthetically-pleasing, and robust. We don’t just build them – we build them to last!

If your firebox has cracks, gaps, holes, or spalling, it’s time you did something about it. To send us your current fireplace measurements and specifications, click here. Enjoy your fireplace for years to come and safeguard your family against the dangers of fire – call Magic Broom today. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work!


You’ve probably never thought about having the smoke chamber inspected or repaired, but it makes a big difference in the efficiency of your fireplace. Call on Magic Broom to see if you need this common masonry repair.