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Choose the Best and Your Wood Will Do the Rest

Once the temperature start to rise and the snowflakes start to fall, it is important to keep your family warm and safe throughout the entire duration of winter. In the United States, a heating system, whether it’s a stove, a heater, or a fireplace and chimney, will always be a necessity. Human beings have gathered around fires for centuries, and now many of us are fortunate enough to have one just for the pleasure of it.

Choosing the right kind of firewood can make a difference in the density of the heat and the smokiness of your fire.

Choosing the right kind of firewood can make a difference in the density of the heat and the smokiness of your fire.

To make the firewood highly effective and emit less toxic smoke, always remember that it should be seasoned. This means that after the process of cutting trees and forming them into durable wood, it must be able to dry for at least six months. Burning wood that is too green or wet can cause dangerous creosotes that may require more than an annual cleaning.

There are many species of wood and they are categorized accordingly into two: hardwood and softwood. Both categories are adequately dried and bestow natural elements that can start and sustain a fire. Harwood usually have higher BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) because of its density. It is known for its longevity in supplementing subtle heat. In this category, maple and oak trees are the usual takers. The thickness it offers is the number one reason why these kinds of trees are trimmed down to make hard firewood.

The other type of wood, softwood does the opposite. It produces less heat compared to that of hardwood. It also burns quickly so you will have to put more effort into constantly putting wood just to keep the fire burning. The kind of trees used for this is usually pine and birch. With the unique characteristics of these trees, you’ll hear a crackling sound once the fire starts to ignite. Just make sure to place a glass door or lid to prevent the crackles from hitting you or spreading to areas that could easily catch fire.

In choosing the right kind of wood, the Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps company can give you great suggestions as to what firewood suits you best. They are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the chimney sweeping industry. They are the ones to call when you have trouble with your fireplace or chimney, or when it’s due for a check-up. We are family-owned and operated and look forward to serving your chimney needs.