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Owning a fireplace brings joy and warmth to your home, and a crackling fire can really enhance the mood for countless celebrations and occasions. That is if your system is properly maintained. A fireplace that faces neglect will function much less efficiently and, over time, will deteriorate much quicker than other models. The CSIA recommends investing in at least one inspection per year so that your sweep can check for potential repair work or possible obstructions.

In fact, countless reputable organizations, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and the National Fire Protection Association all say that one sweeping a year can make a huge difference when it comes to lowering your risk for chimney fires. This goes for all fuel types! Don’t take any chances when affordable care is just a phone call away. Count on the expert staff at Magic Broom today!

Dangers Of Neglect

If chimney care is something you’ve been putting off, your fireplace may be in need of some professional help, even if it seems to be running just fine. The ease of owning and operating a gas stove or insert often gives homeowners a false illusion that they don’t need professional inspections and cleanings as often. Yet, just because gas appliances burn cleaner than wood-fueled ones, doesn’t mean annual check-ups aren’t a necessity!

Your fireplace still produces fumes that are harmful to the interior parts of your chimney and build up still occurs, even though wood fuel is not being burned. All of this wear and tear takes its toll on your brickwork and mortar, and it can cause it to decay and crumble at a fairly rapid pace. This leads to inefficiency and it could create pathways for fumes and harmful toxins to enter your home and affect the health of loved ones.

Along with this, clogs and build up can lead to corrosion, which means you’ll have to invest in some costly and time-consuming repair work down the line. It’s more cost-effective and much less stressful to hire our team for regular inspections and sweepings each year, rather than face bigger issues down the line. Why put it off? Give our team a call now, so you can cross your fireplace maintenance off your spring cleaning checklist early! It’s a step you’ll be happy you took!

Already Facing Issues?

If your fireplace system is already damaged, crumbling, or facing other issues, count on our expert team to fix you up right. With over thirty years of experience in the fireplace and chimney industry, and with countless awards, certifications, and 5-star reviews to back us up, let us assure you – we know our stuff! Put your home and chimney in the best hands possible by giving us a call today!