While many welcome the springtime rains, these showers – big or small – can take some serious toll on your chimney and brickwork. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to help keep water out. Waterproofing, chimney crown repair, and flashing repair are all things that help prevent lasting water damage from occurring.

Yet, we want to focus on one things that many homeowners don’t even have – a chimney cap! Chimney caps are a great and inexpensive way to protect your chimney throughout every season.

All About Chimney Caps

So, what exactly is a chimney cap, and what does it do for you home?

Chimney caps are made from strong, corrosion-resistant material, and they cover the openings located at the top of your chimney. Their design may vary from chimney to chimney based on how many flues you have and how big the openings are. Whichever type you invest in depends on your personal preferences and budget.

Once your cap is set in place, any rain that fall will be deflected away from your chimney, ensuring your flue doesn’t fill up with water. When it comes time to inspect and clean your chimney, your chimney cap should easily come off, so the sweep can get a good look in your chimney and at the cap itself.

And caps don’t just keep out water! They keep out animals, as well, preventing countless birds and critters from building nests and creating clogs. On top of all that, they also help to prevent fires. Their durable material is known for catching stray sparks, so they won’t land on your roof or other flammable material nearby.

How Water Damages Your Chimney

There are lots of reasons why you need to shield your chimney from water problems. A big issue homeowners with masonry face is the deterioration of their mortar. When mortar starts to crack and break down, your entire structure become a lot weaker, as a whole. This is a problem that needs to be addressed before things get a lot worse.

Other issues that may arise are stains, leaks, rot, rust, mold, clogs, and all types of decay. These problems not only make things run inefficiently. They make your home’s appearance seem unkempt and sloppy, as well! Don’t let water issues get you down. Install a chimney cap today!

Now Is The Time

If you do not have a chimney cap, there is no time to waste. In order for homes to meet the safety standards of the world-renowned organization Underwriters Laboratories, a chimney cap must be included in their chimney set-up. Call us now, so that we can set you up right! The staff at Magic Broom is trained and certified by the CSIA, so we know what we’re doing when it comes to protecting your home.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call or browse through our site for more information. Thanks for choosing us for all of your chimney and fireplace needs!