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Chimney CricketIf your chimney is located at the bottom of a slope of your roof, the exterior bricks and mortar have likely suffered through repeated water damage and allowed water to intrude into the chimney. Magic Broom understands this problem and is experienced with installing chimney crickets, a solution to keep water out of your chimney. Many of our customers are not familiar with what exactly a chimney cricket is. We would like to tell more about chimney crickets and why they are necessary to install on certain chimneys.

What Exactly Is a Chimney Cricket?

Also known as a saddle, a chimney cricket is part of a customized flashing system. A peak that deflects rain and snow from your chimney, the cricket prevents water from accumulating around the base of your chimney. Installing a cricket behind your chimney gives you superior protection from water penetration.

In What Cases Is a Chimney Cricket Necessary?

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), local building codes in some areas require a chimney cricket to be installed on any chimney with a width of more than 30 inches. Even if it is not required by your local codes, Magic Broom still recommends installing a cricket if you have a wide chimney. We also suggest a cricket if your chimney is at the bottom of a roof slope and if your chimney has ever experienced water penetration damage.

How Is a Chimney Cricket Constructed? 

Made from either flashing material (galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum) or roofing material (plywood or waferboard), chimney crickets are built in a triangular or other angled shape. Crickets are always slanted on both sides and have a ridge on top. Installed with the flashing system behind your chimney, a cricket provides water protection because when water hits the cricket, it runs down the angled sides. This keeps water from accumulating around the base of your chimney.

Why Is It Important to Have Chimney Crickets Professionally Installed?

Professional installation of the entire chimney flashing system, including a cricket, ranks high in importance for proper water penetration prevention. In fact, when flashing is not correctly installed, it can cause water accumulation around the base of your chimney. Damaged and deteriorated flashing also can lead to water intruding into your chimney. Our technicians at Magic Sweep know how essential it is to customize every flashing job. We take precise measurements of every angle of the chimney base and use them to cut the flashing to seal water out from the chimney as tightly as possible. We know the right angles to install the flashing to provide an air-tight fit with your roof and your chimney.

Why Is Water Penetration Prevention So Important?

The amount of damage water leaks can do to your masonry chimney is the main reason why preventing water penetration is so necessary. Properly customized flashing is one of the best defenses against water leaks.

If you think you may need a chimney cricket installed, contact Magic Sweep today. We can also customize an entire flashing system to keep the water out of your chimney.