Holiday Chimney Inspection Family Image - Southern Maryland - Magic Broom Chimney SweepsWhen you own a fireplace, your home turns into the spot to be throughout the holiday season. If you find yourself hosting a get-together or two this year, make sure your chimney is ready for use. Schedule your annual inspection and sweeping today!

Why Is This Important?

When it comes to fireplace maintenance, it is common to wonder which tasks take priority and which you can put off a bit. As far as sweepings go, you will definitely want to get yours in before lighting any fires. A few reasons for this include avoiding creosote build-up, clearing out blockages, and addressing needed repairs.

More About Creosote

If you do not know what creosote is, it is dark in appearance and comes in a few of different forms. It will either be dry and crusty, sticky and gooey, or very shiny and hard. The texture depends a lot on how much has built up and how long it has been there. It forms when you build fires and the cleaner your burns are, the less you will see. This is why it is so important to burn well-seasoned wood and to avoid throwing any paper, garbage, or other hazardous materials into your fireplace.

The reason creosote is so dangerous is due to its highly flammable nature. The more of it you have, the higher your risk is for experiencing a chimney fire. A fire can quickly get out of control and it will cause lasting damage to your chimney and brickwork, making it unsuitable for use. This means no crackling fire to enjoy throughout the cold months ahead. Avoid disappointed guests at your holiday party and call in an expert today. They can ensure your chimney is clean and ready to go for any occasion.

Repairs & Blockages

There is no doubt that smoke back-up can ruin a get-together fast. By making a simple phone call, you can have a sweep in your home clearing out that nasty debris in no time. They know all of the nooks and crannies and will be sure to get everything in the best condition possible for your evenings spent with friends and family.

By addressing repairs and clearing blockages out beforehand, you not only avoid excess smoke, you keep your guests safe from inhaling harmful toxins, as well. Proper ventilation is key to a good working chimney. By having things checked out right away, you will allow yourself peace of mind and your party will surely be talked about for years to come.

Get your home looking great and keep guests out of harm’s way by investing in our services today. The staff at Magic Broom are trained and certified to meet all of your chimney and fireplace needs. We look forward to your call!