Why you should choose a certified sweep

You might’ve noticed the “Certified Chimney Sweep” logo or the acronym “CSIA” used all around the Magic Broom website. If you’re not familiar with the CSIA, we could see why you might glaze over those letters. But certification from the CSIA — or Chimney Safety Institute of America — is hugely important in our industry, and as a homeowner (particularly one with a chimney that’s routinely serviced), the CSIA is definitely worth knowing about.

At Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps, all of our are CSIA certified. We are serious about quality.

At Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps, all of our are CSIA certified. We are serious about quality.

Being able to say that your company and technicians are CSIA-certified marks the dividing line between thoroughly educated, properly trained and experienced technicians who’ve been tested on that competency, and folks whose chimney expertise just has to be taken on faith. Technicians who don’t put in the work and dedication to achieve and receive CSIA certification may or may not have real chimney expertise — you have to take the risk of hiring them to find out, and that doesn’t always end positively.

In its most basic, customer-focused sense, CSIA certification is a guarantee to you. The CSIA’s aim is to make sure chimney technicians are armed with the skills, safety practices and technical ability to do their jobs as effectively and safely as possible, with an ultimate goal of eliminating chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other potential chimney-related hazards. In order to receive CSIA certification, a sweep needs to know the chimney system inside and out, to study the latest practices and technology and to pass exams that prove all that knowledge has been obtained and internalized.

Every CSIA-certified technician signs a code of ethics, too, affirming an intent to be honest and fair, professional and respectful, and to base their practices not on basic laws and regulations, but on an unwavering intent to surpass what’s required and do what’s best.

CSIA credentials aren’t a one-time thing, either — technicians are expected to continue their education on an ongoing basis, and are retested every three years to be recertified. That continued commitment results in technicians that aren’t just competent and experienced, but continuously growing their skill and knowledge sets, keeping up with innovations in tools and technology and updates in codes and practices.

Our technicians are CSIA-certified because we believe in the CSIA’s commitment to safer and more efficient chimneys, and safer and happier customers. And when you hire us, we want you to see, in those CSIA logos, that Magic Broom shares in that commitment.