Creosote is a substance that builds up in your chimney as you light fires. It comes in a few different forms, and it needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis by a CSIA certified sweep to guarantee the safest and most efficient functioning from your fireplace. Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners know the facts behind creosote, which means they could wind up face some serious risks.

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What Does Creosote Look Like?Creosote & Its Deadly Impact - Southern Maryland - Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps

As we said, creosote comes in a few different forms. It’s typically either light and flaky or sticky and tar-textured. In these cases, it can be removed with basic tools and techniques and no special measures will need to be taken. Just schedule your sweeping appointment, and let your qualified techs handle the job. In no time, your system will be cleaned out and ready for use!

Now, unfortunately, there is a third type of creosote, which is harder to remove. When neglected for too long, creosote turns hard and glossy. This is known as glazed creosote and trying to get it out with traditional methods could result in harm to your structure. Special products will need to be used, so having a sweep on the job who really knows what they’re doing is a must! Fortunately, we’re equipped to handle it all.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Why is it so important that creosote is regularly removed? Well, obstructions of any kind are harmful and could restrict airflow. Chimney cleanings are an important investment and can keep your fireplace running more smoothly all fall and winter long.

Yet, that’s not the main threat of creosote. What really makes it dangerous is its flammable nature. If it catches on fire, it will spread flames throughout your chimney, causing a chimney fire. Your brickwork and mortar are strong, but it isn’t meant to withstand high temperatures of that nature, so it won’t be long before you face cracks, holes, and other types of deterioration.

In the end, you’ll be left with open pathways through which flames, smoke, and dangerous gases could escape into your home. The scariest part is that many chimney fires occur silently, so homeowners aren’t even aware that their system is damaged! They simply continue lighting fires unaware of the risks they are facing by doing so.

All in all, you’re much better off removing creosote before it reaches dangerous levels within your chimney and, by investing in annual inspections, you can rest easier knowing your sweeps are always on top of it all.

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