Are you getting excited to light up the fireplace for your holiday gatherings and get-togethers? We can’t say we blame you! A crackling flame in a cozy hearth sets an unbeatable aesthetic for any event or party, offering that festive mood everyone hopes to achieve. Unfortunately, a cozy night in can turn into a big disappointment if the fireplace fails to function properly. If you’re concerned about a leaky chimney, call in the team at Magic Broom today. We’re happy to help you out!

Schedule An Inspection TodayDon't let a leaky chimney ruin your holiday season

The most effective step towards discovering issues in your fireplace or chimney is to call in a CSIA certified chimney sweep to thoroughly check over your system. It’s recommended that any homeowner with a fireplace invest in at least one inspection per year to ensure everything is functioning as normally and as safely as possible.

Our qualified crew can help you out. We have the tools, training, and experience necessary for spotting any leaks or other issues in your chimney, and we know how to fix them as well. Once we repair any cracks, holes, or other complications, we can offer chimney flashing or chimney waterproofing, both of which make an incredible difference when it comes to keeping moisture away from your structure.

We can also check your crown and your chimney cap, as both of these play a substantial role in protecting your system, and both need to be in tip-top shape to offer the results you deserve. The crown sends water out and away from your brickwork, while the cap blocks water from entering the flue. Both are vital to a properly functioning chimney!

Problems Associated With Chimney Leaks

So, you know what to do to prevent or stop a leak from taking things over, but you may be wondering just what kinds of issues a leak will cause. All in all, excess moisture and your chimney are two things that should be kept as far apart as possible. Your brickwork is very porous, and if it isn’t adequately protected, water can seep into it and start triggering decay and deterioration. It will also cause the freeze/thaw process to occur, which puts a lot of extra pressure on your structure and wears things down in a hurry.

Along with this, water throughout the chimney is associated with cracking, rotting, rust forming, crumbling, clogging, staining, and more. All of these are not something a homeowner should have to deal with, especially now when the holidays are just around the corner! Let us help you make this a great holiday all around by taking any and all of your chimney worries off of your brain. Simply give us a call, schedule your appointment, and we will take it from there. It’s never been easier!