Creating special moments with family is important to do. With the holidays upon us, now is the time to gather everyone together. You will be happy you did it and will find yourself with great memories that you cans reflect on for years to come. If you own a fireplace, then we have some great ideas for family fun this winter!

Enjoy Family Fun By The Fireplace Image - Waldorf MD - Magic Broom ChimneyTurn Off The Electronics

The first step is to turn off the cell phones, laptops, television, and anything else that falls into that category. A fireplace offers a timeless and classic aesthetic to any home, and it is time to take advantage of that! Take this opportunity to live in the moment with your family, free from any electronics. No social media, selfies, or browsing the Internet is allowed!

Sing Christmas Carols

What better spot to enjoy some Christmas music than by a crackling fire? Have everyone pick out their favorite songs for the holiday, then sing them together. If you don’t have the best voice, that’s okay! These times are about celebrating together, so sing loud and proud and soak in the moment as much as possible.

If you have some people who are musically inclined, this would be a great opportunity to bring out a guitar or piano, as well! Music is known for bringing people together and lightening the mood… Think up some Christmas songs today and get to singing!

Roast Chestnuts

Speaking of Christmas songs, take a moment to recall that classic line, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” Many have sung these words hundreds of times, but few have actually done it! If you have a fireplace, then you should give chestnut roasting a shot this holiday season. To do this, you just have to follow a few easy steps. After rinsing the chestnuts, carve an “X” into them, so they do not burst over the heat.

Then, place them in the roasting pan and holding them over your fire for about 25 minutes. You will want to move them around every 5 minutes or so, to ensure even cooking. Once that is done, peel them (while they are still warm), and enjoy!


When this time of year comes around, many find themselves reflecting back on the previous months. Years go by fast, so take some time to look back on precious memories and tell stories from the past. You never know what you may be reminded of and reminiscing about good times is sure to bring laughter and joy to everyone present.

Turn To Us!

If you are ready to make your holidays great, then you should ensure that your fireplace is ready for regular use. Contact the professionals at Magic Broom today and let us check things out! Annual inspections are vital for maintaining chimney health and for lowering the risk of fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more. Turn to us today for service you can trust!