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There is one thing for certain in the chimney and fireplace industry, it’s this – sweeps get busy in fall and early winter! If you have yet to schedule your annual inspection, we recommend giving us a call now, so we can get you in before our books fill up. Are you looking for dependable service in Southern Maryland? There’s nowhere better to turn than Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps!

Gaining Peace Of Mind

Stressing about the safety and efficiency of your fireplace is no fun. When you go to light that first fire of the year, we want you to feel confident! If your fireplace has been out of use for a while, we would strongly advise against putting it to use before it has been checked out. You could be putting your home and family at serious risk!

Rather, schedule an inspection with us, so you can feel good about lighting fires all throughout your holiday season. Family and friends will love the warm and cozy aesthetic your fireplace adds, and you’ll be happy knowing everything will run great! Whether you’re throwing a get-together, relaxing with close friends and family, or just enjoying peace and quiet on your own, you want your system to run well!

Addressing Any Repairs

Need another reason scheduling early is something you should do? You can easily fit in any needed repairs! Like we said, our books fill up fast once the weather gets cooler, and we want to make sure we have time to get your chimney in tip-top shape before winter. Repairs can take some time, and it may be hard to schedule further appointments as time goes on and slots fill up.

If you have cracks, holes, crumbling mortar, a broken chimney cap, rusted flashing, or any other types of damage, you won’t want to put your fireplace to use until these things are fixed up. Doing so greatly increases your chance of fire and of harmful toxins entering your home, and that’s certainly a risk you won’t want to take!

Schedule your inspection now, so that we’ll have adequate time to patch up your chimney before the busy fall season. We want you to be able to enjoy your fireplace to the fullest all winter long, but only if it’s safe to use and running efficiently. Give us a call and we’ll get you in the books!

Avoiding Further Issues

Additionally, sweeps can ensure that everything is set in place and that no clogs are hindering air flow. There are lots of parts to your chimney, and you want to ensure each of them is in working order before lighting a fire. For example, you won’t want to find out your damper is stuck shut after the smoke has started to accumulate… what a mess!

Sweeps will also make sure your chimney cap is securely in place and that no animals or nesting materials are present. These critters (and everything they drag along with them) can cause some annoying issues and a blocked up flue never yields good results!

Give us a call, visit our site, or stop by the shop today – we can’t wait to help you out soon!