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So, you’ve decided to add a heat source to your home, where do you go next? With fireplaces, stoves, and inserts of every sort, where do you even begin? These appliances are perfect for cozy evenings indoors when the temperatures drop. They also save you money on the monthly heating bills. With the weather getting cooler, now is the perfect time to invest in an appliance.

Deciding to add a new heating source is the easy part, but the difficult part is deciding which appliance to get to suit your need and home. In today’s world, we’re given a lot of options. However, with the qualified and experienced team at Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps, we’re confident you will pick out the perfect appliance for your home! We want to help you understand the differences between a fireplace, a stove, or an insert, so you can make the best decision for your need and home.


a fireplace with a holiday treeA fireplace can come one of two ways – masonry or prefabricated. Masonry options take more time and money to construct, but there’s no denying the traditional and classic ambiance they add to any living space. Prefabricated units, on the other hand, come as one complete unit that needs to be assembled by a professional crew. They are more affordable, and there are more options when it comes to their placement within your home.


Fireplace inserts are known for their heightened efficiency, meaning you’re sure to get a lot of heat output! If your current fireplace isn’t working how you want it or you’re considering changing fuel types, an insert is a great way to go. We provide gas, wood, or pellet options, so it is easy to find the right option for your home.


Now, if you don’t have a chimney, then a free-standing stove is the route to take. You can place them just about anywhere, and they add considerable heat to your living space, which helps to save you money on your monthly bill. They also offer comfort and warmth to any gathering or get-together.

Always Trust A Professional

No matter which type of unit you decide, it’s vital to trust in a professional crew to get the job done. This process is intricate, and it’s important that all pieces are assembled correctly to give you a safe and effective burn every single time. Trust our CSIA certified team to get the job done right for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Ready to get started? Contact us now, we can’t wait to discuss your ideas and figure out the best fit for your home!