Get Your Pellet Stove Inspected and Serviced - Southern Maryland - Magic BroomIn recent years, pellet stoves have become an increasingly popular choice for a heating appliance. Because of the low cost of fuel, ease of use, and minimal maintenance pellet stoves are an enticing alternative for homeowners who want the odor and warm feel of a wood burning stove without the added work.

Pellet stoves have much higher maintenance requirements and much more can go wrong. Just like any other fireplace, stove, or heating appliance, pellet stoves need to be inspected and serviced each year.

Why your pellet stove should be professionally serviced

To keep your pellet stove operating safely and efficiently, it is important to have it annually serviced and inspected by a trained professional. While at home maintenance is an important part of keeping your pellet stove working its best, it is no replacement for the thorough work provided by a chimney or fireplace professional.

While you may know the ins and outs of operating your pellet stove, it is still important to have it inspected annually by a trained professional. A certified chimney sweep may be able to notice signs of damage or deterioration that can go undetected by homeowners; likewise, chimney sweeps typically access areas of the home – such as the roof – that homeowners may not see on a regular basis. This level of in-depth inspection coupled with years of training and experience is what sets a professional apart from the average homeowner.

At home pellet stove maintenance

Although annual professional service is an important of maintaining your pellet stove, there are a number of things you can do at home throughout the year to keep your stove running smoothly.

  • Check the burn pot daily to ensure that air inlets remain open. The burn pot should also be cleaned periodically based on the amount of use and grade and content of pellets used as fuel.
  • Empty the ash drawer before starting a new fire and periodically throughout use.
  • Clean glass panels with glass cleaner when the stove is cool or not in use.
  • Look for signs of accumulating sawdust in the hopper.
  • Occasionally empty fuel from the hopper and auger tubes to prevent any blockages from sawdust materials from forming.

The benefits of pellet stoves

If you don’t already own a pellet s tove, now is the perfect time to think about getting one! Pellet stoves are efficient heating appliances that create very little smoke and particulate emission. Because pellets are made of compressed wood products, pellet stoves are able to produce the aroma of a wood burning fire with a heat that is up to five times higher than a traditional wood stove or fireplace.

This year, get your pellet stove ready for winter by having it professionally cleaned, inspected, and serviced. To schedule annual maintenance for your pellet stove, contact Magic Broom today. Our highly trained staff can make sure your pellet stove is in excellent condition and ready to use again this fall and winter.