The number one priority for homeowners is keeping their home and family as safe as possible. If you own a fireplace, knowing the proper ways to avoid chimney fires is vital. While many chimney fires are loud and obvious, there are a surprising number that occur without anyone realizing it! Consequently, the damages that can occur put your brickwork through a lot of wear and tear. In addition, it can cause a chimney collapse if not properly addressed.

However, if you are worried you have had a chimney fire, check out these common signs that one has occurred.

  • Puffy looking creosote
  • Discoloration
  • Cracks throughout your brickwork
  • Damaged roofing materials
  • Warped metal

Get Rid Of Chimney Creosote!

Creosote forms as fires are burned and needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis. This substance is highly flammable and, the more of it you have, the higher your chance of chimney fires. Creosote can be sticky and thick, flaky and light, or super hard and glossy. No matter its form, it is always dangerous to have present and needs to be disposed of properly on a regular basis.

To slow down the rate at which creosote accumulates follow these guidelines:

  • Burn only seasoned wood. Your logs should be lightweight, split at the ends, dark in color, and will sound hollow will hit together.
  • Check your air flow. Proper ventilation will keep things running smoothly. In addition, it will ensure that creosote does not form as quickly.
  • Don’t overload. Many attempt to get a longer-lasting burn by piling fuel in their wood-burning stove or fireplace. Instead, try a top down burn or simply add fuel as needed.
  • Watch your temperatures. If your fires are burning cooler, then creosote is more likely to form.

Hire Us!

The best step you can take to avoid a chimney fire? Hire a professional chimney sweep to inspect your fireplace! This ensures that everything gets cleaned with the appropriate tools and chemicals. The CSIA recommends getting your chimney cleaned at least once per year. However, if you use your fireplace frequently throughout the year, two or three inspections might be a good idea.

These inspections and overviews may seem time-consuming or tedious, but they could make all the difference in keep your home and family protected! With this being said, chimney and fireplace care is not something to take lightly, and any signs of damage need to be addressed as soon as possible to ensure smooth operation.

At Magic Broom Chimney Sweep we have all of the certifications necessary for doing the best job possible. We pride ourselves on top of the line customer service, which is why our customers have stuck with us year after year. So, turn to us today – and you won’t regret it!