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Summertime means hotter days, and your chimney is most likely not in use right now. However, chimney maintenance is still important. At Magic Broom, we get a lot of calls about chimney odors from our customers here, especially in the summer. The stink usually comes from creosote deposits inside your chimney. As the hot temperature and humidity mix with the soot and creosote, this causes foul smells to fill your living space. There are solutions we offer to eliminate the smells. Learn more about some of the ways we resolve this stinky situation.

Eliminate Drafting Issues

One simple solution is to prevent downdrafts from coming through your fireplace. We recommend investing in an energy-top damper. Most fireplaces are equipped with a throat damper. While they have been helping chimneys for decades now, there are better products. Energy-top dampers do a much better job of preventing drafts from entering your chimney.

An energy-top damper sits at the top of your chimney, working with the chimney cap to keep out downdrafts, water, and critters. They provide a tight seal to keep outside air out for good. Say goodbye to stink, and hello to a more energy-efficient system!

Avoid Excess Water/Moisture

Another reason of chimney stink is because of excessive water and moisture build up in your  fireplace. Water is one of the worst things for your chimney, we recommend investing in preventative maintenance such as flashing repair, waterproofing, chimney caps, and crown repair.

We can help address your water damage in your chimney to ensure no invasion of water and moisture. We have solutions to help avoid bad smells and protect your system from rusting, crumbling brickwork, mold accumulation, and clogs. Call us today!

Schedule Your Cleaning!

Annual inspection and regular cleaning are vital for a healthy chimney. Cleaning out excess creosote also helps to eliminate bad odors. If you have not had your yearly inspection yet, call our professionals at 301-843-1491 now!