Before your certified chimney technicians check out your chimney, it's good to have  working knowledge on the procedures they'll be doing.

Before your certified chimney technicians check out your chimney, it’s good to have working knowledge on the procedures they’ll be doing.

Raising Awareness

When you have a fireplace and chimney installed in your home, it’s not enough to appreciate the warmth it provides especially during the chilly winter season. As a homeowner you should also be responsible for the proper maintenance of these house features and this includes the very important annual chimney inspections. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) are the agencies that came up with the standards for chimney inspections. They assist and educate consumers about the three levels of chimney inspection. Their concern, first and foremost, is your safety.

The Three Levels, One by One

The most common type of inspection is Level 1. It is suggested for chimneys that are not having any problems with regular usage. During a Level 1 inspection, the technician will inspect the accessible interior and exterior parts of the chimney without the need to use tools to gain access. The condition of the structure and flue of the chimney are checked. The nature and volume of combustible deposits are identified.

A Level 2 inspection, on the other hand, is the correct choice when you are trying to change the heating system. According to CSIA, this level is right for you if you are changing things up, like: using a new fuel type; having a chimney relining also known as the relining of flue; replacing or installing of a new heating appliance. This is also appropriate if you are trying to purchase a property or transfer the ownership. Operational malfunction, accidents, or disasters such as building or chimney fires, earthquakes, or strong storms that may have caused damage to your chimney; these are definitely indicators that a level 2 inspection is needed. Video scanning and other techniques are included in this type.

When Level 2 cannot fully identify the problem, the CSIA certified chimney sweep will suggest proceeding to Level 3. This may require the use of special tools to access areas of the chimney or flue that are concealed. Components that are near the chimney such as the surrounding wall might be removed to help the technicians do their job.

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