Chimney swifts are a type of bird that chimney sweeps deal with a lot. Their ideal nesting location is a vertical slope, as they cannot perch on branches like most bird species. This makes chimneys a perfect spot for them! They build cup-shaped nests with glue-like saliva, then settle in to hatch their young.

Yet, once they nest in your chimney, you may find yourself facing some issues. Nesting materials are known for causing clogs and deterioration, so you’ll want to have it removed as soon as possible. The only problem is, you are not legally allowed to remove a chimney swift’s nest when they may be hosting eggs or babies.

Chimney swifts are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. That means, should you knowingly remove one of their nests, you could face some major fines!

Install A Chimney Cap Today

The best way to prevent chimney swifts (and any other birds or animals) from entering your chimney is by investing in a chimney cap. Chimney caps are known for keeping these critters out of your chimney and safely in the wild where they belong. There is no risk of them getting stuck, building nests, or causing you any unwanted stress and expenses.

On top of that, chimney caps help your chimney stay in top-notch condition by keeping out excess moisture, dirt, and debris, and they also stop stray embers from getting loose and landing on your roof. And they make great wind blocks for those bad weathers days – say good-bye to downdrafts!

Chimney Swifts Are In My Chimney – What Should I Do?

If chimney swifts have already settled in your chimney, there is only one option. Put off your annual inspection and cleaning until they have left their nest. Once the nest is cleared out, you are free to remove it! This particular species is known for coming back to the same nest year after year, so you will definitely want to remove it as soon as possible to ensure your chimney stays clean and the birds themselves stay safer.

Let Us Help You Out

At Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps, we do everything we can to keep our customers feeling protected and secure year after year. Let our CSIA certified team help out with your chimney and fireplace today! We can install a chimney cap that perfectly fits your appliance, so that chimney swifts will never be something you have to deal with.

Once your cap is installed, count on us for regular inspections and cleanings, too. We are the best in the area… Make the right decision by choosing us today!