When it comes to water and your chimney, investing in preventative maintenance before damages occur is always the best option. At Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps, we have everything you need to feel safer and more protected with every passing year. From chimney caps to flashing to waterproofing services and more, you’ll be fully equipped to withstand almost anything! One thing we like to offer our customers is a chimney cricket.

When water runs down the slant of your roof and hits the chimney directly, it can pool up and cause a lot of damage at the base of your chimney. Fortunately, our team can install a cricket, so you don’t have to worry about this issue at all! A cricket is installed where the roof and chimney meet and is positioned to slant downwards on both sides, so that, instead of water pooling up, it runs down the sides of it and away from your chimney.

Dangers Of Excess Moisture

Now, you may be wondering why preventing water exposure is so important. After all, can it really do that much damage? The simple answer is yes. In fact, water is one of the most hazardous things a chimney can come into contact with! It will get absorbed into your brickwork and cause your masonry to break down and deteriorate at a rapid pace. Along with this, your bricks will go through the freeze/thaw process, which puts a lot of pressure along with wear and tear on your system.

Other issues that may occur are rotting wood, rusted metal components, stains on your walls and ceiling, clogs throughout the system, deterioration, decay, and possibly even a chimney settlement or collapse. All of these issues get worse the longer they go unaddressed, and they’ll cost you a lot of money in extra repair work. No one needs that extra stress!

All of these damages can put your home and family at risk, especially if you’re still using your fireplace. Often times, homeowners are unaware that any problems exist at all, so they continue to light fires thinking everything is running just fine. Because of this, investing in annual inspections is a vital part of maintaining a safer and more efficient appliance. Call our team of experts now, before the busy fall season kicks off, and we’ll set you up. Say goodbye to fireplace stress for good by depending on our CSIA certified crew!

Schedule Your Appointment Today

With nicer weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to have your new cricket professionally installed. While we’re at it, we can take a look at all of your chimney parts to ensure water and excess moisture stays away for good, and once we’ve patched everything up, you can invest in our waterproofing services for that extra layer of protection you deserve.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us as soon as you can. Our team is happy to help you out by offering the answers and solutions you’re looking for – help and relief is just a quick phone call away!