Are you concerned that your chimney is filled with creosote, nesting materials, and other dirt and debris? There is no doubt that build ups make your system less efficient and more prone to causing gas leaks or house fires. It is always in your best interest to invest in a professional sweeping before the start of your burning season.

Now, most homeowners are well aware of the importance of regular maintenance, but procrastinate until the fall or winter arrives. While there is nothing wrong with this, it does mean they will miss out on many advantages of scheduling their sweeping earlier in the year.

Curious to learn more about these benefits? Read below, then count on the Magic Broom team to help you out every step of the way. Our CSIA certified sweeps will have your back through it all.

Avoiding Crowdschimney sweep cleaning out chimney

Most businesses out there have a busy season, and we chimney sweeps are no different. Once cooler weather makes an appearance again, our phones start ringing more often and, before you know it, our schedule is booked up. Because of this, we often recommend that people with busier calendars get their sweeping completed in the warmer months when scheduling an appointment will be a lot easier.

Come fall, you won’t be left scrambling. Rather, you will be able to sit back and relax with a cozy fire whenever you would like.

Keeping Your Home Safer

All in all, scheduling a sweeping is a surefire way to ensure your home stays as safe as possible no matter what. If you want to keep your chimney functioning well throughout the holiday season, then a sweeping is a must, and our team is qualified to help you out.

What risks could you face? Well, creosote’s flammable nature makes you much more susceptible to chimney fires, which weaken your structure significantly. When cracks, holes, and crumbling brickwork start to occur, you make yourself vulnerable to house fires and gas leaks.

All in all, inspections and sweepings are an integral part of chimney maintenance, and by counting on a team of knowledgeable experts, like the crew here at Magic Broom, you can rest easier all season long. We will get the job done right for you and your loved ones, and our many years of experience combined with our long list of certifications and memberships ensure you get the best care possible. Depend on our team for it all!

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When fall comes back around and school starts up again, lives get busier than ever, so schedule your sweeping today to get one thing off of your to-do list early. We can’t wait to help you with it all.