With warmer temperatures heading our way, the spring to do lists are being created as well.  You must always remember to include your yearly sweep and inspection.  While many of these chores are the do it yourself type, chimney matters should be left to the professionals to keep both your home and your family safe.  To schedule an appointment with an experienced technician call Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps!

During cold months, your chimney is at its peak output. Spring is a good time to inspect the condition of your chimney.

During cold months, your chimney is at its peak output. Spring is a good time to inspect the condition of your chimney.

Is it good to have more than one chimney sweep?

If you use your fireplace often, it is recommended that you have a second sweep in the year.  This will occur after burning season to remove all of the creosote that has built up inside of the chimney.  The other sweep should be done before burning season to make sure anything nature related that has entered the chimney over the summer has been cleared out.  You also need to make sure that whoever you hire is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified.

What other repairs should I expect for my chimney?

Flashing and Rain Caps

Winter storm winds are brutal to your chimney.  They have such high winds that it can rip off or damage the flashing on your chimney.  This is something to have repaired before spring showers kick in.


Your chimney technician will also check to see how well your unit can withstand water.  After the chimney freezes and thaws throughout the winter, wet weather the caulk in the structure can begin to crack.  The larger the se cracks get, the more water they can hold.  This will lead to mold forming, sometimes in as little as two days.  After the cracks are fixed, look into having your chimney waterproofed to protect you in the future.

What do you do if your chimney is home to wildlife?

As scary as it sounds, the first step is to remain calm if you fear there is an animal in your chimney.  Then call an exterminator since they know how to properly remove the animal and leave it safe.  This will also keep you safe as well because you will have no chance of being bitten or receiving one of the various diseases that animals carry.


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