A chimney inspection has not always been a well-defined service. Back in the day, you could wind up with a wide range of results, depending on the company you hired for the job. Fortunately, there are now clearer guidelines in the chimney sweep industry, thanks to organizations like the National Fire Protection Agency.

Here at Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps, we are proud to perform all of our inspections to the standards of NFPA, who have created a strict list as to what each level of chimney inspection should include. If you get anything less, then it is time to hire a new sweep!

Trust is our CSIA certified experts to bring you the highest level of customer care and attention possible. We offer three levels of inspections, all of which are approved the NFPA and the CSIA, and we are happy to keep your fireplace running as safely and efficiently as possible with every passing year.

Levels of Inspections

So, what does each level of inspection entail? Well, a level one inspection is your most basic. We will look over all readily accessible parts of your chimney and fireplace, ensuring there are no obstructions, cracks, holes, or other issues. If we notice anything of out of sorts, we will let you know and direct you accordingly to the best services for your needs.

If you regularly invest in inspections and maintenance, and if you haven’t recently changed fuel types or had a renovation done, then a level one inspection should be all you need. If all goes well, we can be in and out of your hair in no time, leaving you with a system that will run strong for the long haul.

A level two inspection is similar to a level one, only it is a bit more thorough. In these types of inspections, our crew will snake video equipment up your chimney to ensure we can an in-depth look at every inch of it.

When are these necessary? After a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc.), before buying or selling a home, after a chimney fire, when changing fuel types, or after your system has gone through any major type of renovation. After your inspection, your team of sweeps can get you back to where you need to be.

Finally, a level three inspection is performed when a level two inspection just doesn’t cut it. If the source of your chimney problems cannot be discovered with video equipment, your chimney company may suggest taking a more invasive approach. In a level three inspection, parts of your chimney will be removed to further investigate the issue.

Keep in mind that this last kind of inspection is rare. Most problems can be found with proper video equipment and resolved thereafter.

Seek Help Through Us

If you need an inspection done soon, then count on our team to get it done right. We are more than qualified to tackle any job you throw our way, and we offer unparalleled customer service. Why wait? Dial our number today, and we can set something up.