If you own a fireplace, you have probably heard professionals talk about chimney relining. Relining is often needed when the current liner is facing damages or wear and tear. Having the right liner for your specific type of chimney is important. In addition, it helps your masonry withstand all types of potentially hazardous situations.

Schedule an inspection with a certified sweep today, so that you can have your chimney liner looked at. During this inspection, the expert will evaluate the condition of your liner. Also, can take the proper steps for fixing it up or replacing it.

We are here to educate you more on this process, but first let’s take a look at why liners are so important.

What Does A Liner Do?

A chimney liner serves a few major functions that contribute to the health of your fireplace and home. One thing it does is protect the rest of your house from catching fire. There is a lot of woodwork near your chimney. When nothing is there to keep the fire away from it, it will ignite a lot quicker than you might think! Liners block the flames so that your home stays safer.

Liners also work to protect your brickwork and mortar. Heat, gases, and the other various byproducts produced by a fire all take a toll on your chimney. They cause it to wear down at a faster pace. A lined chimney faces less of these issues and will stand taller and stronger for a much longer period of time.

Above all, liners work to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. They prevent toxins, creosote, and more from accumulating. Plus, they keep your home and family at a lower risk of harm.

Do I Need Relining?

The best way to see if you need a new chimney liner is to have an expert inspect your chimney and do a thorough evaluation. Any cracks or crumbling mortar need to be addressed in a timely manner or they will simply get worse and cause even more issues. Addressing easy repairs right away is a much better option than paying for expensive fixes down the line. Call today to schedule your inspection!

How Can We Help?

At Magic Broom, our staff is CSIA trained and certified, meaning we are all up-to-date on all the latest chimney policies and procedures. We are also certified by the NFI. When it comes to the health of your chimney, we strive to learn it all!

As far as relining, we will be able to evaluate your current situation and ensure that you have the right type of liner for your specific type of chimney. Liners can come in all types of materials, shapes, and sizes, and if things are not set up just right, you could wind up facing a lot of problems! We can make sure that doesn’t happen by installing the perfect fit for you. Let us resize, replace, or install your chimney liner today.

Give us a call, so we can help!