It’s a common complaint this time of year…as the snow melts, temperatures rise and homeowners start noticing a bad odor coming from their chimney and fireplace. This obviously puts a big damper on the nice spring weather. It’s not likely going to ease up anytime soon with summer’s heat and humidity on the way.

Fortunately, Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps has solutions for folks all throughout southern Maryland. Check out some tips below, then call us in right away so we can check things over and find what may work best for you.

Are You Due For A Cleaning?

Sometimes a good cleaning makes a lot of difference when it comes to keeping out odors. The bad smells are caused by creosote and, when too much of it builds up, the smell can easily work its way into your living space. Creosote forms naturally as you burn fires throughout the year. Avoiding it altogether isn’t an option, so investing in cleanings as necessary will go a long ways for your household.

Along with this, creosote can be quite dangerous in larger quantities. It’s a highly flammable substance, and it is known for triggering chimney fires when not removed on a regular basis. Chimney fires are extremely damaging to your chimney’s structure, and they put your home and family at some serious risks.

Reduce odors and ensure a safer living space by having us clean your chimney right away!

What Type Of Damper Do You Have?

If your chimney has a throat damper installed, it may be time to upgrade to an energy-top damper. While throat dampers have been doing a good job over the years, there’s simply no denying that energy-top dampers are more efficient at keeping out downdrafts and outside debris. They seal better, and they’re situated at the top of the chimney, so nothing will be coming in any time soon!

As you can imagine, this decreases your risk of odors significantly. No more smelly drafts, and you’ll rest easier knowing the temperatures inside of your home will stay more consistent, too. It’s a great investment and one we urge all homeowners to consider. Our team can set you up right!

Do You Have Water Damage?

Excess water in and throughout your chimney and fireplace can trigger clogs, mold, and debris accumulation. Many of these issues will bring unpleasant odors along with them. Having any water damage and any issues associated with too much moisture resolved will decrease odors and help your chimney function more efficiently overall. Call our team today to learn more!

We Love Serving You!

Our team has been serving the area for 40 years, and we love making homes safer and families happier. If you’re having chimney issues, don’t stress about them any longer. Schedule your appointment with us today, so we can help you out!