If you own a fireplace, you have likely heard your sweep talk about the chimney crown. Many find themselves wondering what this part is exactly. In addition, what role it plays in helping your chimney function more efficiently.

Staying up-to-date and educated on all of your chimney’s parts is a great idea for keeping your home and family safe. Learn more about chimney crowns below!

What Is A Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown is located at the top of your chimney. It typically is sloped downward. This is in order to help direct water and other substances away from your brickwork. For this same reason, it normally hangs over the edge of your chimney. This is so that any excess moisture is directed away from the masonry. Your crown should also be made from cement-based materials. These materials help it provide a strong and sturdy construction that will protect your chimney through any type of weather.

What Does It Do?

The main purpose of a chimney crown is to prevent water damage from occurring throughout your brickwork. This is why the downward slope and overhang are so important! Many crowns suffer from poor construction and overall sloppy work. Therefore, it prevents them from doing their job. When it comes to keeping your chimney strong year after year, avoiding water damage is a key component. Without a proper-working chimney crown, your risk for chimney issues increases dramatically.

My Crown Needs Some Work!

If you fear that your chimney crown may need some extra attention, worry no longer! The staff at The Magic Broom is more than qualified to rebuild or restore your crown so it works efficiently for your home. Check out just some of the ways your crown may be built inefficiently.

  • Too small or thin: If the cement on your crown is not thick enough, it will deteriorate at a quicker rate. You also don’t want a crown that is too small. If it just fits over the top of your chimney, it will not be able to direct water away very well. It needs to extend over the top in order to efficiently send water away.
  • No water repellent: Adding a water repellent to your crown mix will help it do its job more effectively. The more you are able to keep water away, the better off you will be!
  • A bad seal: Your crown needs to be well-sealed to help prevent water from entering. Water can sneak through almost anywhere, so calling in a professional to do the job right will be your best bet.

Call Magic Broom today for all of your chimney and fireplace-related needs! We looking forward to working with you!