If you’ve scheduled a chimney inspection with us, then you might be wondering what you can expect from the sweep. Well, the CSIA certified staff at Magic Broom will ensure all accessible parts of the chimney are checked over, so you can rest easy when lighting your fireplace this holiday season. Best case scenario, your chimney will be in good condition, and you can light up your first fire that evening!

Yet, there are few common problems that we come across from time to time. If you face any of the following issues, count on the crew at Magic Broom Chimney Sweep to get you taken care of in no time!

Excess Creosote

Creosote is one of the most harmful substances your chimney can come across. It forms as fires are burned in your fireplace, but certain things (such as unseasoned wood, restricted air flow, and/or a cold chimney) can increase its accumulation. Creosote is highly flammable and can wind up costing you a lot in repair jobs, and too much of it in your chimney can easily lead to a chimney fire.

Chimney fires are not something to take lightly. They often occur unbeknownst to the homeowner, and they do a lot of damage to the structure of your chimney. The intense heat melts mortar, cracks brick, and encourages gaps to form. This means that every time you light a fire, you’re putting your home at some serious risk! Flames can easily make their way through any damaged areas, catching adjacent woodwork and/or roofing materials on fire.

It’s important to address creosote right away. Call us in for an inspection so we can spot and remove any buildup before things get worse!


Another issue we face a lot is clogs and other obstructions. All too often leaves, twigs, dirt, and other types of debris finds its way into your chimney system and clog things up. Even animals find their way in from time to time! Lighting fires when blockages are present is obviously not a good idea. It will stop air flow from properly escaping, causing smoke to back up and forcing loved ones to inhale hazardous toxins and fumes.

We’ll clear out your clogs in a jiffy! And if you need a chimney cap installed, we can do that, too.

Necessary Repairs

Lastly, we need to check for any necessary repairs throughout your system. Even small cracks and holes can lead to some major structural issues down the line, and you may eventually face a settlement or collapse. Talk with our technicians about any concerns you have, then let us a take a thorough look at your chimney, so we can spot these problems before they get worse.

We’ve got the tools and expertise you’re looking for to make sure your fireplace is working as safely and as efficiently as possible this holiday season. Why wait? Pick up the phone today!