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Have you been noticing some deterioration throughout your chimney and fireplace? Or maybe things weren’t running quite as efficiently as normal last burning season, and you’ve been meaning to get that checked out… With summer upon us, it’s easy to put off fireplace maintenance until further down the line, but this actually is something we advise against. Here’s why.

Avoiding The Busy Season

First of all, waiting until fall to invest in chimney work could put you on a waiting list. If you’re like most, you want to get fires up and running as soon as possible when temperatures drop! Unfortunately, we get lots of calls for sweepings, inspections, and more during the cooler time of year, which can make scheduling a bit of a challenge. We hate to see homeowners put off the start of their burning season, but it’s often out of our hands when our books get full.

Ensure you get in during a time that works well for your schedule by calling now! We’re not as booked up, so you can get any and all of your repair work taken care of well before burning season starts. Don’t keep your family waiting this fall… Contact us today!

Investing In Long-Lasting Results

We take pride in delivering the best repair work possible, but sometimes a specific temperature range is needed to ensure the results stand the test of time. Some of our products need a chance to cure and can only do so when the weather is warmer. This means that putting off repair work until fall or winter could land you in a bit of pickle, and we’ll likely advise you to put certain jobs off until things heat up again.

Neglect Only Makes Things Worse!

Finally, consider the effect that wear and tear can take on your fireplace and remember that cracks, holes, and other defects will only get worse as time goes on. Just because you’re not putting your system to use during these warmer months doesn’t mean avoiding maintenance is an acceptable practice. You’ll want to get things taken care of and addressed as soon as possible to avoid more expensive and time-consuming work down the line.

Along with this, as things deteriorate, a chimney structure becomes weaker, which puts you at a higher risk for a settlement or collapse. If your masonry chimney breaks apart or comes tumbling down, your family could get seriously injured! Even if everyone stays out of harm’s way, you’re looking at some major reconstruction and renovation work. It’s not worth taking any chances… count on our team to help you out now before you’re forced to face bigger issues later on.

We’re CSIA Trained & Certified

For your inspections, repairs, and reconstruction work, be sure to trust in the CSIA trained and certified team at Magic Broom Chimney Sweeps for it all! We have the experience and expertise you’re looking for, allowing you peace of mind through everything. We can’t wait to make your future holiday seasons brighter, warmer, and cozier. Give us a call today!